Take a tour of Jackie Chan's Hong Kong, with the film and martial arts master himself

"I grew up in Hong Kong — definitely, yes." So says international household-name martial-arts action movie icon Jackie Chan in Jackie Chan's Hong Kong.

This 44-minute tour of the Project APolice Story, and Drunken Master star's geographically contained but dense hometown hits the Star Ferries, its live seafood-filled "wet markets," the antique dealers of Hollywood Road and Cat Street (where Chan himself indulges his habit of buying old Chinese locks), Kowloon's Temple Street night market, a reflexology clinic ("that's foot massage to you and me," explains the American narrator), a fortune teller (despite Chan's own distaste for that practice), the local branch of Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, and Victoria Peak (as well as the funicular that runs up to it).

In addition to this look at Asia's multicultural "City of Life," we get a look back at the story of Chan's life and career as well.