40+ hour podcast interview tour of South Korea

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For more than seven years now, I've hosted and produced long-form interview podcasts. On Notebook on Cities and Culture, which I began a little over three years ago, I've taken the concept worldwide, traveling not just all over Los Angeles, where I live, but to cities like Portland, Vancouver, London, Mexico City, Osaka, Copenhagen, and Toronto. In each of them, I've interviewed all the cultural creators, internationalists, and observers of the urban scene I could find.

Last summer, I decided to put together a season of Notebook on Cities and Culture focusing on just one country: South Korea, which at the moment strikes me as the most fascinating place going in Asia. So I packed up my trusty Zoom H4n recorder, headed across the Pacific, and spent six weeks talking with all sorts of people — Koreans, foreigners, Korean foreigners, and so on — about the work they do and the Korean cities they do it in.

(I also, while there, seized the chance to write a series of essays for the Guardian on Korean urbanism, featuring cities like Seoul, Songdo, Changwon, and Busan.)

The resulting series, which I call Notebook on Cities and Culture's Korea Tour, began airing in November. Episodes so far available include:

The Korea Tour will continue into March, with a new interview available every three days. Guests still to come include Busan-based Argentine film critic Sofia Ferrero Carrega, Korea: The Impossible Country author Daniel Tudor, architect Minsuk Cho, and Modern Korea: All that Matters author Andrew Salmon. You can download episodes directly from the show's site or subscribe on iTunes. 들어 주셔서 감사합니다, 여러분!