Find out if the NSA spied on you and shared the info with the UK

Over at The Message, Quinn Norton reports on a key ruling by the UK Investigatory Powers Tribunal against the British spy agency GCHQ that the sharing of NSA data was an illegal human rights violation. As a result, you can complain to the IPT, even if you're not in the UK, and demand an answer about whether the UK used NSA data to spy on your life.


This one specific way the IPT's ruling works means that only information gathered by the NSA, passed to GCHQ, retained or accessible by GCHQ today, and linked via a selector given to IPT will get a positive reply. If any of the other Five Eyes or GCHQ itself did the surveilling, the answer is likely to be the elusive "no determination"

In short, to the question "Have I been watched by the Five Eyes?" a yes means yes, and a no means maybe.

"Did British Spies Use NSA Data to Spy on You? Find out." (The Message, thanks Evan Hansen!)