The joys of the Shitphone

At Matter, John Herman says fuck the iPhone and extols the virtues of the BLU Advance 4.0 Unlocked Dual Sim Phone, AKA the "Shitphone."

From Medium:

My other off-brand electronics are easier to conceive of as LEGO-kit assemblies of parts. If my off-brand TV has a confusing menu system or a slow remote it's not a huge deal, because most of my TV watching is passive. Its job is to show me a picture, and it does. But a smartphone's job is to connect me to hundreds of people and dozens of internet services. A smartphone is extremely expensive, extremely small, and extremely complex, not just as a machine but as an interactive object. It must receive commands as ably as it provides information. Our relationship must sustain hundreds of expectant touches a day, and it must not be miserable.

The arrival of acceptable shitphones would represent the final commoditization of an entire era of consumer electronics…

Shitphone: A Love Story (Matter)

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