The photos in Earth is My Witness are like bullets

Earth is My Witness is a classic coffee table book. Huge, weighty, colorful, and visually pleasing to almost everyone.

Art Wolfe is a veteran wildlife and travel photographer. He seems to have been everywhere on the planet. His photographs are straightforward, clear and direct, not arty. You'll like them. Each photo is technically perfect. They are like bullets – solid, sharp, and strong. His shots of animals are intimate. His landscapes are encompassing. And his portraits of exotic cultures are warm and inviting. Taken as a whole, this massive collection serves as a kind of grand celebration of life and humanity on Earth. It would be a good thing to hand out to visiting aliens from another planet. The book says: here is our habitat, in all our distinctive diversity. That is the role it has on our coffee table. A witness to our abundant world.

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