Max Headroom, the full story


Over at The Verge, a terrific oral history of 1980s cyberpunk icon Max Headroom who started as the snarky "virtual" star of a dystopian science fiction TV movie satirizing mass media and became a music video host and soft drink pitchman.

From the article by Bryan Bishop:

MATT FREWER, ACTOR: The Max suit was in two fiberglass pieces, and they screw you into it. [Later on] we had different versions of the suit. There was the tuxedo suit, there was a sort of golf suit, and then there was a white tuxedo — all equally cumbersome, and they went right down to your elbows, and you couldn't move around. But in a way, you compensate, and it becomes even more computer-generated [looking], because you're sort of rocking back and forth to make up for the gestures that you can do with your arms or your feet or whatever. So you end up looking like this sort of jack in the box, squirming around. The TV gods giveth, and they taketh away. And what they tooketh away, I added.

"Live and Direct"

And here's Max in The Art of Noise's 1986 music video "Paranoimia":