Comcast wouldn't cancel service for man whose house burned down


When a 66-year-old man's house burned to the ground, he lost his TV set. His daughter called Comcast to cancel his service, but they refused, saying it couldn't cancel it until he gave them his account number (which was also lost in the fire).

His daughter told Comcast, "Here's your choice, disconnect the service or send someone out to fix the cable, because it's not working." She says the Comcast rep replied, "That doesn't make sense, because the house burned down."

Comcast finally canceled the service, and now that the incident has been reported in the media, it has trotted out a spokeswoman who spoke about the blah blah safeguards in place to protect the privacy of our customers blah blah make certain the issue has been resolved to his satisfaction blah blah.

Image: Shutterstock