This magical witch puzzle game is really 'charming'

Charmixy: Witch Academy instantly captured my heart today — must have been a love spell. The PC and mobile puzzle-dueling game has really cute art and music, plus some refreshing characters and what looks to be a flexible character creator.


It looks like it'll be challenging for the game to make its Kickstarter goal as it stands, though — the team wants to release the game completely for free, so backers will just get other rewards (and the sheer joy of making something cute happen). There's an alpha of the game available to try, and while it's a little rough, as alphas are, it's clear there's the seed of something adorable and fun in there.

The core game itself is similar to Dr. Mario, except there's also a story and you can bake cakes and equip charms and the characters are diverse and it's so cute, please check it out already.