Pee-wee x Jerrod Maruyama: Kawaii Playhouse puzzle

Here's a fun collab. "Creator of cute" Jerrod Maruyama re-imagined the characters of Pee-wee's Playhouse kawaii style for a new 1000-piece puzzle.

It's a limited edition/timed release, created for Comic Con. Pre-order one with a mini print signed by Paul Reubens ($65) or just the puzzle ($25). Sales for both end at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, July 26, 2020.

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Watch how to solve this Hanayama level 6 puzzle called NUTCASE

NUTCASE is a deceptively simple cast metal puzzle by legendary puzzlemaker Hanayama. If you're not planning to try it yourself, here's how to solve it. Read the rest

Watch this guy solve a 17x17x17 Rubik's Cube in under 5 hours

Russian speed-cuber Evgeny Bondarenko decided to tackle the biggest challenge on the market today: solving the 17x17x17 Rubik's Cube. Talk about concentration! Read the rest

Watch how to solve a maze hidden inside a metal cylinder

YouTuber Mr. Puzzle demonstrates Revomaze, a maze puzzle hidden inside a metal cylinder. Read the rest

Circuit Maze Logic Game

When I was a child my favorite game was Mousetrap because the experience wasn't simply about rolling dice and moving around a board.  Rather, it was an invitation to construct environments with the reward of something special happening.

I still enjoy games where you build but I especially love it when they offer clever, valuable lessons as well.  Circuit Maze teaches spacial reasoning and electrical engineering with simple to understand concepts.  As you play, the levels naturally get more difficult and are challenging even to adults.

If your child is interested in games at even higher tech levels, there's also a game series called CODE  that teaches the valuable superpower of computer coding concepts.  I only wish I had access to these games when I was young. Read the rest

Wooden 3D Owl puzzle

This Owl helped make a recent road trip a lot more fun!

Simple to construct by following the numbers, this is a cute Owl-y way to pass some time.

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Puzzle: Which one will fill first?

Which squares fill first with fluid? Read the rest

World's largest Rubik's Cube you can solve by hand

University of Michigan mechanical engineering students have built "the world's largest hand-solvable, stationary" Rubik's Cube. Fashioned primarily from aluminum, it weighs 1,500 pounds but can be manipulated by one person. The puzzle is available for solving in the campus's mechanical engineering building. From Michigan Engineering:

They realized they couldn’t simply scale up the approach a handheld cube relies on because the friction would be too great. So to keep friction minimal, they devised a setup that utilizes rollers and transfer bearings.

“This is a truly amazing and unique kinematic mechanism that functions as a Rubik's cube,” said Noel Perkins, the Donald T. Greenwood Collegiate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and advisor to the students.

“There is no other human-manipulable cube like this, to the best of our knowledge. That said, it is not technically the largest cube. We're aware of a larger cube that requires the user to literally roll it on the ground to solve and rotate the faces. None of that is required by our stationary design. So to be very precise, it is the world's largest stationary, human manipulable Rubik's cube.”

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Raymond Smullyan on the Tonight Show 1982

Here's puzzle master and logician Raymond Smullyan on the Tonight Show from 1982. It starts a bit awkwardly but gets good around the five minute mark. Smullyan died last week (I posted about it here).

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This Mondrian math puzzle yields puzzling scores

Mathematician Gordon Hamilton presents a curious puzzle inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian: within a square canvas filled with rectangles that all have different dimensions, what's the lowest possible score when subtracting the smallest rectangle's area from the largest? Read the rest

Play it now: The Penanggalan

Games made in Puzzlescript have a uniquely-nostalgic feel, beyond the usual endeavor toward 'pixel art'. The Penanggalan resembles a little old Atari game, starring a "floating head and entrails time-traveling vampire." Read the rest

This magical witch puzzle game is really 'charming'

Charmixy: Witch Academy instantly captured my heart today -- must have been a love spell. The PC and mobile puzzle-dueling game has really cute art and music, plus some refreshing characters and what looks to be a flexible character creator. Read the rest

WATCH: World record smallest 7x7x7 Rubik's Cube

Puzzle enthusiast Tony Fisher demonstrates a new 3.4 cm-wide cube designed by Matt Bahner. It's half the size width of the original 7x7x7 V-Cube. Read the rest

Man solves Rubik's Cube while juggling

Ravi Fernando solves a Rubik's Cube while juggling.

Clever assemble-yourself toys and models made with laser-cutters

Artifacture Studios is a maker shop based near Dallas, TX (I met the founders at a recent speaking gig at U Texas at Arlington) that does pretty amazing stuff with laser-cutters. They are probably best known for their laser-cut Eiffel Tower models, ornate models of the iconic building cut from stiff card that use cunning slot/tab fasteners that create a robust structure without glue or tape. They've also recently launched a 30-piece acrylic laser-cut puzzle called the "Frabjous" that uses interlocking tesselations of a polygon to form a great rhombic triacontahedron, "a self-intersecting polyhedron with thirty rhombic faces."

The Eiffel Tower model is ingeniously simple to assemble, the Frabjous is challenging and elegant.

Starting with a scan of the original plans by Gustav Eiffel, this was designed to have four identical pieces that tab into one another creating a 3D model without the use of glue, tape or fasteners. Laser cut from high quality soft-touch paper. Online instructional video provided to help with assembly...

Frabjous is a sculpture and geometric assembly puzzle made from dichroic acrylic. The swirling geometric form is composed of thirty identical pieces that catch and reflect the light in stunning fashion.

Mathematically, the planes of the shape are the face planes of a "great rhombic triacontahedron," a self-intersecting polyhedron with thirty rhombic faces. But the puzzle piece is a carefully designed subset of the rhombus that doesn't intersect copies of itself.

Weaving the parts through each other so each remains planar is trickier than it looks. Instructions are included.

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