Travis Louie's "Archive of Lost Species" paintings


Fantastic painter of the fantastical Travis Louie returns to Seattle's Roq La Rue Gallery with a new show opening tomorrow (May 7).

Titled "Archive of Lost Species," the paintings and drawings hang until May 30. From Roq La Rue:

Copy of Oscar and the Giant Tarsier 300dpi 8X10.ADJ

(Louie's) work is highly influenced by Victorian and Edwardian oddities and portraiture, and he often refers to his style as a kind of 'cryptozoology'. Informed by the stories he writes, his characters inhabit a world shared with other strange creatures, mythological figures, and extinct or exaggerated versions of animals we know. Each has their own unique folklore, but they are connected through the relationships that unfold thorough Louis' tales, their intricate histories and societies revealed through a window into an alternate past.

Roq La Rue presents Travis Louie "Archive of Lost Species"

Copy of Miss Emily Fowler and Her Spider150