@Theresamaybot: a twitterbot that puts you under suspicion and won't say why

A bot inspired by UK Home Secretary Theresa May's pledge to bring back the systems of unaccountable mass surveillance that the EU forced the UK to abandon.

The Snooper's Charter was introduced in the last Parliament to replace the UK's existing surveillance regime, which was found to violate the European Convention on Human Rights. Though the bill failed to get through the last time around, the majority Tory government is now poised to reintroduce it. It will legalise monitoring of all communications in the UK.

This twitterbot never tweets.

@theresamaybot simply adds you to a series of Twitter lists.

She never talks to you, she never tweets publicly, nor gives any rationale for her decision.

How does it feel to be placed on a list?

She chooses her targets based on keywords she finds in your public tweets. Imagine if she could read your email too…

@theresamaybot [Shardcore]