Carry your cat like a kangaroo in this adorable hoodie


As a busy multi-tasking pet owner, there might be times when you want a hands-free snuggling experience with your cat, or perhaps just the ability to carry your cat around like a kangaroo. A Japanese company called Unihabitat has developed the answer: the Mewgaroo hoodie.

The front pocket contains a lining that you can remove and clean of the inevitable layer of cat fur, and the drawstrings on the hoodie even have little pom-poms on the ends, to make them fun for your cat to bat around. For an even more immersive experience, the hoodie—known as the Nyangaroo Parka in Japanese—is designed to actually make you look like a cat, complete with ears on the hood and little pawprints on the sleeves. And hey, if your dog is small enough, they're fair game too: put 'em in the Mewgaroo.

The hoodie goes on sale May 26 for ¥5,980 (about $50), and you can pick it up at Amazon Japan.