The Purge of Babylon, post-apocalyptic fun


Monsters, long hidden in the shadows, take over the Earth in The Purge of Babylon, first in a series by Sam Sisavath.

Fast moving from the beginning, Sisavath keeps the blistering action moving with vivid scenes of our world taken over by monsters. Our small group of survivors, centered on the obligatory two special forces buddies, has to escape Houston and survive. The characters are a bit stereo-typical but extremely engaging. I found myself caring and wanting to flip forward to be sure my favorites did or didn't make it, it took effort to hold off. Dialog is not the strongest, but I suspect it'll improve in later novels. The story is very strong.

I enjoy that The Purge is not another simple zombie take down of society, but clearly building towards a larger plot. There is a greater intelligence at work, not merely a mindless horde, and other horror movie physics seem to apply. I'm looking forward to seeing the story develop, as Sisavath already has a number of novels out in this series, and some additional stories told in the universe.

The Purge of Babylon: A Novel of Survival (Purge of Babylon, Book 1) free via Kindle Unlimited