Will a $3000 motorized standing desk make you healthier?


Stir hopes you'll be convinced. The Verge's Dan Seifert reports that "it's hard to come away from the experience unimpressed."

The real appeal with the M1 is in its smarts, which start with the 5-inch touchscreen controller embedded in the left side of the desktop. The controller is used to move the desk up and down, replacing the typical buttons found on many other standing desks. It also is used to connect the desk to your Wi-Fi network, display how long you've been standing or sitting, and even show the extra calories you've burned while standing. The M1 can also send its calorie data to a Fitbit, so all of those burned calories contribute to your overall fitness profile.

Get the Ikea Bekant ($470) or Fredrik ($120, but discontinued) and a high-quality impact mat. Upgrade later.