Who said it: Charles Manson or Kanye West?


Kanye West is a phenomenally talented entertainer and loved by millions. Charles Manson is a failed wanna-be pop star and infamous murderer who we hope will remain locked up for the rest of his life. The two can't possibly be more different, other than sharing a propensity for spouting near-nonsensical egomaniacal quotes. Take a look at the examples below. Can you tell which quotes were uttered by Kanye and which ones came from Manson?

  1. "Nothing in life is promised except death."
  2. "No sense makes sense."
  3. "I'm like a machine. I'm a robot. You cannot offend a robot."
  4. "I can't judge any of you. I have no malice against you and no ribbons for you. But I think that it is high time that you all start looking at yourselves, and judging the lie that you live in."
  5. "One day the light will shine through, and one day people will understand everything I ever did."
  6. "Everything I'm not made my everything I am."
  7. "The real strong have no need to prove it to the phonies."
  8. "I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book's autograph. I am a proud nonreader of books."
  9. "I don't know what 'my way' is. Everybody keeps telling me I got all these things. I read the other day where I had magical powers. I told everybody in the chapel 'Zap, zap, zap, zap!' I said 'Where's my magical powers at?' Well, you can't believe what you read in the press. I ain't got no magical powers or mystical trips or anything like that. It's kind of silly."
  10. "I live and breathe every element in life."
  11. "There's all kinds of Jesus. There's a black Jesus down in Florida, he's having a good time. There's a Mexican Jesus down in Mexico, I mean there's all kinds of Jesus. There's a Jewish Jesus."
  12. "The media crucify me like they did Christ."
  13. "When someone comes up and says something like, 'I am a god,' everybody says 'Who does he think he is?' I just told you who I thought I was. A god. I just told you."

Answers – 1: Kanye, 2: Manson, 3: Kanye, 4: Manson, 5: Kanye, 6: Kanye, 7: Manson, 8: Kanye, 9: Manson, 10: Kanye, 11: Manson, 12: Kanye, 13: Kanye

Image of Kanye West: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com