Kanye West sued over sexual harassment claim

Kanye West, bigoted rap star, stern schoolmaster, incipient porn lord and architect of Adidas's final shoelution, is being sued for his behavior. A former staffer, Lauren Pisciotta, claims he harassed her with lewd texts and performed sex acts while talking to her on the phone. She was promised $3 million to keep schtum but was never paid it, so off they go to court.

According to the documents, Pisciotta was primarily supporting herself via an OnlyFans profile in 2021 when she met West. … West subsequently hired Pisciotta as his personal assistant, with an annual salary of $1 million (£780,000), on the condition that she was available "24-7". She says she agreed to the terms. According to her lawsuit, West was initially comfortable with her continuing her OnlyFans business. However, in 2022, he allegedly stated that he wanted Pisciotta to be "God like" and asked her to delete her account in exchange for a further $1 million. After she closed the account, she claims she was bombarded with explicit text messages from West, including pornographic videos. Pisciotta also claims he masturbated while talking to her on the phone and that, on one occasion, he pleasured himself in front of her after "trapping" her in a private room on his plane.

"This is," the BBC intones, "not the first time the rapper has been accused of lewd behaviour," referring to a recent feature in Rolling Stone among other reports.

The attendees say West looked down at his foot, stared up at the woman, and told her, "I want you to make me a shoe I can fuck."

Adidas representatives — including a vice president involved in the apparel giant's billion-dollar licensing partnership with West's influential brand — did not confront West about his alleged remark, the two attendees claim. The woman took a leave of absence before moving to a job elsewhere at Adidas (in an email, she declined to comment and requested that her name be withheld from this article.) Former Yeezy and Adidas employees, however, point to the alleged incident as one of many experiences — over the course of a decade — in which, they say, West used intimidation tactics with the staff of his fashion empire that were provocative, frequently sexualized, and often directed toward women.