London pub owner jailed for 7 years after killing rich American who looked "homeless"


Rostam Notarki is being sentenced to seven years in prison for shoving a shabby-looking man out of his pub with an ironing board. The man was then hit and killed by an oncoming van. Apparently, Notarki, owner of The Cardinal Wolsey pub in south-west London, didn't take kindly to the man, who came into his pub carrying blue plastic bags and talking to his two toy mice. When the man, 53-year-old Charles Hickox, who happened to be a wealthy American gambler and drifter, ordered three bottles of expensive Italian wine, Notarki served him cheaper bottles. He then kicked Hickox out of the pub without returning his credit card.

Hickox became irate.

When the victim realised the Visa card he used to pay for the wine was missing, he went back with a tennis racquet in each hand to demand it back, having told his companions he might "have to crack some ribs to get it".

The victim pushed the landlord using one of the racquets and then ran off, pursued by Notarki carrying an ironing board, and his son Kian wielding an iron bar.

Once outside, Hickox was "jabbed" with the ironing board, which pushed him into the traffic.

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