How to join this weekend's Ludum Dare game-making jam

Ludum Dare 33 is here, which means loads of indie developers will soon be jamming on tiny games in accordance with a theme. Anyone can participate, which means if you've been reading all our articles about how game-making can be for anyone who dreams it because of new tools and community support, you can get ready to join the jam.

The community will be voting on this jam's theme until this Friday—just sign in to vote from a list of 20 finalist ideas like "No Enemies", "You are the Monster", or "Alone in the World".

Here's some resources from Pixel Prospector if you're not sure where to get started, and you can visit Games are for Everyone to find the right tool for your idea and support on how to use it.

Follow Ludum Dare on Twitter. I also love the Ludum Dare jam-bot Twitter, which randomly tweets games from recent compos.