People (pretend) to discover an old safe that has cool stuff in it

[UPDATE: Never mind. It's a hoax designed to raise interest for an important charity that looks like it has something to do with dogs that have rubber bands stuck on their muzzles but I have stopped believing anything these people say. – Mark]

During a home renovation project, a couple in Mesa, Arizona discovered a safe buried in the floor of their new home. Months earlier, the combination had been discovered written on the inside of a medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

When they opened the safe, they found photographs, a book, a bingo card, a bottle of bourbon with a 1960 tax stamp, and over 50K in bills which have yet to be accurately dated and priced. The book, bingo card, and photos are garnished with a cryptic penciled message from "Vincent" to "Alan."

The book is a first-edition from 1977, and the bills appear even older. The safe has a barcode and is much newer.

Genuine time capsule, or elaborate hoax? D.B. Cooper's stash, or viral marketing for bourbon? The Internet demands answers!