Vogue's guide to Burning Man fashion


Vogue shares this handy guide to dressing for the playa! You can look unique, just like everyone else!

From Vogue:

Don't think you've got the guts to be a Burner, to break out of your 9-to-5, shake off that back-to-school stress for one last hurrah, and wear your bandana as underwear? Please, anyone does! Maybe there are finance Burners who can't get their thrills from watching the Dow rise, and instead opt for scaling a wooden statue in a soda can–crafted skirt! Or those tightly wound Preppy Burners who skip the Sunday rowing club for a shwaggy lesson in Laughter Yoga? Burning Man is a hot plexus of oddities, a breeding ground for flesh-revealing openness and boiling hormones. You should embrace it—maybe even hug it.

So what to wear to the badlands of bizarre? Let your skin breathe—and be comfortable in it. No one really cares what you look like at Burning Man: You could literally be wearing one pastie—anywhere—and that would be okay. So dress for you, and try to break out of your comfort zone. Think about that knit bikini with matching knit sandals that you were too scared to wear in the Hamptons: Hell, accessorize it with a mask! Haven't found an occasion to wear that bodysuit? Go bare on the bottom and slap on some sky-high heels. Save the covering up for the flight back home. Until then, burn on, you crazy diamond.