Cat-themed lingerie comes with tail, no ears

A Japanese company is making cat-themed lingerie. Here's Google Translate's description:

I want to to get used to the cat feeling dangerous Nyanko "Bra & Panties" Nyaanyaa purring

The cat ear design of the triangle on top of the bra. Also it looks like a beard ribbon somehow cat middle. In addition, the shorts will be attached fluffy material of the tail, also comes with choker possible to the collar and hair accessories. Design three types of "graces skillful Himalayan," "graceful Russian Blue," "cute Scottish Fold". Size is available a wide range of A65 ~ G80, and also some What a "cute but does not fit bra size", it is so has been somewhat resolved.

The sets do not include ears, but the models have their hair braided to look like cat ears. Carla (Boing Boing's co-founde) wrote a book called Braid Crazy that has instructions for braiding cat ears.