Listen to the new Portal song by Jonathan Coulton

While delightful on their own terms, the icing on the cake of the Portal games has always been the songs by Jonathan Coulton that play over their end credits.

In the first game, Coulton gave us a tale of quiet, murderous determination with "Still Alive," and a few years later in Portal 2, the slightly less murderous but equally passive-aggressive "Want You Gone."

Now, Coulton has written a third new Portal song for the deadly artificial intelligence GLaDOS (and voice actor Ellen McLain) to sing in the new LEGO Dimensions game, where you can purchase a Portal 2 level pack for $30. Titled "You Wouldn't Know," it finds GLaDOS in a much healthier and more well-adjusted place in her life, thanks in part to her new LEGO friends Batman and Gandalf. As Coulton told Mashable:

"I would not have done just any third Portal song. When they described this game to me and this Portal level, and the way all these cultural icons get smushed together. I started to think about how she would feel about hanging out with Batman. Would she maybe fall in love with him a little?"

Fair warning: There are apparently spoilers for LEGO Dimensions in the song, so hold off if that is something you care about.