Man who swerved into motorcyclists blames spider bite

"All the sudden I felt this tremendous stinging in my left leg and I thought it was a wasp or something and I didn't know it was a spider bite," said William Crum (68), the Texas man who drove his car into a motorcycle. Sanders and his girlfriend were knocked off their motorcycle when Crum rammed in them as they tried to pass him on a two-lane road 5 miles north of Granbury. The woman suffered severe road rash, a broken wrist, and deep arm lacerations and was hospitalized in an intensive care unit.

Brian Fisher, who was riding in a motorcycle behind Crum and Sanders, captured the ill-timed consequences of the spider bite. When Crum pulled his car over, Fisher went to Crum and said, "What were you doing? You hit them!"

"I don't care," Crum replied repeatedly.

When a reporter later asked Crum if the spider had left a mark on his leg Crum replied, "It's swollen right now. It bit me right in the tendon, so right now I have a tendon that's hurting if I stand. If I walk off I'll limp."

Crum was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for the incident. The spider remains at large.

Here is Fisher's full video on Facebook.