Clear plastic developers' Apple Newton on eBay

Mint condition Apple Messagepad 110s are rare enough in their own right, but the clear plastic "Developers Edition" that just hit eBay is a real prize.

I am the original owner of this mint condition extremely rare Clear Apple Newton MessagePad 110. I was one of the first Apple developers to receive this during the 1994 MacWorld convention in Boston. I put aside my then current MessagePad 110 for a short time, and used this clear one for about a week. After that, I put it away in my safe and that's where it's been for the past 21 years. This is mint condition and still in perfect working order. I have a bunch of cool accessories to go along with it, including a leather case, MP2000 charging station, keyboard, and very rare PCMCIA wireless messaging card, which was the precursor to texting…a rare find all by itself.

Add this to your Apple collection and you won't be disappointed.

You can buy it now for $2k. Bidding starts at $800.


Boing Boing reader MrProtocol says it isn't all that: "These clear plastic devices are usually produced to check for internal stresses in the plastic cases. They're neat enough that they're collectible after the fact. Apple recognized this, so in the case of the Newton 110, they produced a bunch of them, to give out to various people in the supply chain as gifts and rewards. So, there are actually a lot of these floating around out there. I had one myself; may still have it floating around somewhere. They're not all that uncommon."