Cop defuses tense situation—with dance-off

Bad cops respond to disorderly teens with contempt and violence. Good cops get down and dance.

According to reports out of downtown Washington D.C., fighting kids drew the attention of the police, who then had trouble convincing the onlookers to disperse. After one youngster started blasting music from a stereo system, however, this officer had the perfect response: a dance-off.

The female officer, whom the department declined to name, arrived in a park on K Street SW Monday, responding to reports of a fight, said NBC Washington.

There, she spotted 17-year-old Aaliya Taylor dancing to the popular Silentó song Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).

The officer reportedly told the girl she could dance better, and the teen officially challenged her to a dance-off, which the officer accepted

The President approves.