Banksy in the Calais "jungle" reminds us that Steve Jobs was the "son of a Syrian migrant"

A new stencil/pasteup in the notorious "Jungle" refugee camp in Calais, France depicts Steve Jobs with a satchel and a classic Macintosh.

One of Jobs's parents was a Syrian refugee, though he was adopted by an American family at an early age, and he didn't identify as Syrian. The Jungle is home to many refugees from Syria and elsewhere who have made their way to Europe and are hoping to cross the Channel into England. They have been treated with extraordinary cruelty by both French and British authorities.

The Jungle is also home to the remains of Dismaland, Banksy's theme-park/art installation. The piece was dismantled and turned into refugee shelters and playgrounds for kids in September.

the son of a migrant from Syria