Guy who was hounded from work by homophobic "Valentine" gets a love-note from Justin Trudeau

Last month, an anonymous work-colleague at Alberta's Party City sent's Degas Sikorski a homophobic "Valentine" that he posted last week.

Sikorski's mom posted an image of the hate-note to social media, which led to his taking up a job-offer at a local Starbucks and leaving his terrible workplace.

In the meantime, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several Members of Parliament sent Sikorski their own, real, affectionate Valentine, assuring Sikorski that "your friends outnumber the haters by millions, and I am one of your friends."

He said he's dropped his plan of pursuing a police investigation, not wishing the person who defaced his Valentine to suffer a criminal record.

"Whoever did it knows it was wrong," Sikorski said.

Sikorski said he's still pursuing a human rights investigation against his former employer.

The company issued a statement at the time saying it did not condone what happened and was committed to creating a fair and inclusive work environment.

Man who got homophobic Valentine at work gets new card signed by Justin Trudeau
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