Canadian terror turkey taken out with slingshot

A turkey terrorizing locals in a small Quebec town was finally taken out with a slingshot, report media up north. Yvon Deshaies, mayor of Louiseville, an hour out of Montreal, issued a public plea for a hero to defeat the marauding beast after it attacked a man in a wheelchair, menaced local children and "sowed terror" for weeks.

Quebec only allows wild turkey hunting on specific dates in the spring and fall, and Deshaies is protecting the identity of the man who killed the animal for fear of reprisals.Deshaies says the turkey hunter plans to cook and eat the bird tonight, though the mayor is keeping its feet so he can show off the sharp talons.He's shrugging off the possibility that he could face any legal action for encouraging the killing of the turkey.

I want to see a whole movie about this wild turkey's quest for vengeance. How it went from being a passive subject of fate to its merciless albeit flightless agent.

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