Unboxing the Boing Boing x Quarterly Maker Box!

See inside our Maker Box with Quarterly!

Earlier this year we teamed up with Quarterly Co. to curate their very first Maker Box! This was a brand new subscription and we were stoked to be apart of it. Each Maker Box includes at least three kits with a variety of themes and projects to be worked on. For this box, the theme was "grow". We wanted to cover all aspects of DIY with a focus on growing – as a person, through the gadgets you'll build and your plants!

The first kit was hand-picked by us for you: Farm Curious Vegetable Fermenting Kit. Fermentation is a fascinating chemical process that transforms food, making it more delicious and nutritious. Every time we ferment something we're amazed. Milk into yogurt! Cabbage into sauerkraut! Cucumbers into pickles! Our mouth is watering as we write these words. We hope the Farm Curious kit turns you into a fermented food fanatic, too.


Also included was an original Makey Makey kit. Ever wanted to turn bananas into a piano? Or make your own game controller for a computer game? Well with the Makey Makey Classic you can! Makey Makey is an invention kit that allows you to turn any object into a touchpad and connect it to the internet.


For those with green thumbs, and those who tend to forget, we also included this DIY Thirsty Plant Kit from Technology Will Save Us. With this, you will always know when your plants needed water. Using this kit you can build a solar powered moisture sensor to make sure your plants never go thirsty again!


Last, but not least, we also included a three month Skillshare trial, because who better to introduce you to the world of Maker than Mark Frauenfelder himself? Skillshare offers hundreds of classes taught by various professionals, etc. And Mark Frauenfelder just happens to be one of them and teaching an intro class to none other than becoming a Maker. In this class, Mark Frauenfelder—legendary maker, creator, and founder of Boing Boing and MAKE magazine—introduces the fundamental world of Making and guides you in transforming your curiosity into a DIY project that makes, modifies, or repairs an everyday object in your life.

While this one-hour class is structured for a true beginner, you'll find a wealth of ideas no matter your background or knowledge. It's a class for everyone who believes in possibility, in practice, and in fun.

As a fun side project, subscribers had to solve a puzzle custom created by Shinteki in order to access the letter that is usually included in Quarterly boxes. Did any of you guys solve the puzzle? If you are still stuck, just tweet @Quarterly!

Well that's a wrap, we hope you enjoyed this Maker Box! Have you guys made anything else? Share your projects in the comments below or tweet @boingboing with #MKR01.

Think big – the world can be your DIY kit! If you missed out, be sure to subscribe here to receive the next Quarterly Maker Box!