Chinese opsec funnies: your foreign boyfriend is a western spy!

In this Chinese government comic book, women are warned that mysterious foreign strangers who pitch woo at them are secretly Western spies trying to get at their government secrets.

The reader is warned that they could go to jail for 10 years if they are foolish enough to let these lotharios trick them into revealing state secrets.

It's a charmingly sexist and xenophobic piece of work, with shades of Jack Chick. More interesting is the parallels to the materials that the US Government has produced for their own employees to warn them about the spies who might use breached data from the Office of Personnel Management to chat them up at conferences and trick them out of America's state secrets.

I know I've seen these videos — they're cringeworthy as hell — but for the life of me, I can't find 'em. Do you know which ones I mean?

Having a handsome, romantic and talented foreign boyfriend is pretty good.

The two begin a romantic involvement.

DAVID: Dear, what exactly do you do at your work?

XIAO LI: I write internal references as a basis for central policies.WXAX8DAVID: Great! Lend me those internal references so I can take a look. This will really help me write academic articles.XIAO LI: I can't, we have a confidentiality system.

DAVID: Dear, do you still need to keep secrets from me? I'm just taking a look to use in academic articles.

XIAO LI: Unh, OK then.

XIAO LI: This is a copy I made, give it back as soon as you're done.

DAVID: Relax, Sweetheart.

What happened? David hasn't called me recently, and his phone is always off.

OFFICER: Are you Xiao Li? We're from the State Administration of National Security. Please come with us.

XIAO LI: What? What's going on?

OFFICER: David is an overseas spy in China to steal political and military information, and we have already captured him. Did you provide him with these 'internal references?'

XIAO LI: What?

A warning from the National Security Organs [China Law Translate]

(Thanks, Michael!)