Community college evicts daycare center to make room for Goldman Sachs

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo — a former venture capitalist who invested state funds with hedge funds during her tenure as state treasurer — invited Goldman Sachs to set up a partnership with the Community College of Rhode Island, then kicked out the college's daycare center to make room for Goldman staffers to work.

The CCRI daycare center serves students and faculty, and has been located on the Warwick Knight Campus for seven years, and was set to renew its lease this coming September when it got the news.

According to faculty at CCRI, the daycare is being move for administrative office to house Goldman Sachs personnel. "I inquired if the new President shut down the day care center, and I got no response," said CCRI English Professor Steve Forleo. "I understand the [day care] staff must be out in June and renovations will begin to accommodate a new counseling center which could include the new Goldman Sachs' business initiative."

"To me, this is about shutting down a daycare for more administrative expansion," said Forleo, who is the faculty advisor to the student newspaper, The Unfiltered Lens. "Where's the community in that?"

CCRI Daycare Center Being Moved Out for Goldman Sachs
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(Images: Molly Crabapple [Vampire Squid]; daycare 31, Parker Knight, CC-BY)