Air Force loses access to database tracking fraud investigations to 2004

The Air Force Inspector General's Automated Case Tracking System (ACTS) is used to track FOIA requests, whistleblower tips, and fraud investigations. It is no more.

The database -- which is supplied and maintained by Lockheed Martin -- was corrupted, and none of the backups are recoverable, for unclear reasons.

Current fraud investigations are expected to experience "significant delays."

"The database crashed and there is no data," Ann Stefanak of Air Force Media Operations said in a statement to press. "We’ve kind of exhausted everything we can to recover [the data internally]... and now we’re going to outside experts to see if they can help." Efforts are being made to see if the data was backed up in other locations, and the Air Force has begun asking for help from other organizations within the Department of Defense and from outside experts in recovering the database's contents.

Database corruption erases 100,000 Air Force investigation records
[Sean Gallagher/Ars Technica]

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