What UK Labour members need to do to preserve their right to vote for party leader

On Tuesday, Labour Party power-brokers waited until Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters had left a National Election Committee meeting to introduce a not-on-the-agenda motion that disenfranchised more than 200,000 new party members from voting in the upcoming leadership ballot.

In theory, new members who send £25 to the party will be able to retain their vote. The initial deadline for this was today, but now it appears to have been extended to July 20. There is as yet no information on the Labour Party site about paying this poll tax, but the Peoples' Momentum movement have posted an online survey whose recipients will all be notified as soon as there is information about how to pay.

The questionnaire asks for your Labour Party membership number, but when I joined, I wasn't given a number, so I wrote "not known."

New Members Survey
[Peoples' Momentum/Google Docs]