Wash and wax your vehicle with little water

Pointing a hose at a 40 year old motorcycle is not the smartest thing you can do, unless its on fire. This Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax Anywhere spray does an amazing job of cleaning up my bikes, and cars.

If your car, or bike, is really caked with grime this will not do. This is not a solution for off-road riders.

For cars or bikes that are dusty or lightly dirty, however, this spray is fantastic. For my motorcycles I find this product perfect, as I can just wash the painted parts and not spray water all over the engine, exhaust, final drive, etc.

Meguiar's wipes on and off easily, and leaves a wax-esque finish that beads water.

Meguiar's G3626 Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere Spray – 26 oz. via Amazon