Cops hassle filmmakers flying drone near cattle feedlot

Animal-rights group SHARK thought they'd launch their drone on public property in July to get some footage of Harris Feeding Company, a massive and apparently pungent cattle feedlot near Coalinga, California. Each day, local cops got called out every time they tried to film.

It's definitely a little troubling when one cop takes an activist's ID card and walks right over to the feedlot guys. Also a pretty great scene when a geared-out officer from the Fresno County Sheriff's office whips out a phone and starts snapping pics of the drone operators.


But the best part is Steve Hindi's hilarious hyperbolic description of the whole encounter, including condescending comments about cops who seem very cozy with the Harris boys. Seems like Steve's group SHARK would be more aptly named SNARK, amirite?

California Cops Lose It Over a Drone (YouTube / SHARK)