The dubious upsides of having a Syrian passport

Marcell Shehwaro's magnificent, sarcastic, angry essay in Global Voices expresses her gratitude for her Syrian passport, because it has allowed her to see how states are willing to punish the already brutalized out of rage and fear.

I also ask your pardon, for I didn't mean to say "No" with such pride when you asked me to unlock my mobile. You see, this request echoes deeply in our collective conscience as Syrians. This request take me back to the checkpoints in my country, where saying no to such a request could simply get you killed. I said "No" with pride because I wanted to inhale some of your democracy.

Do you understand the meaning of half a million of my own people dying in search of a democracy? What it means to being able to say no without getting killed?

You ask me about my purpose for being in your country? I don't know. I came to talk about death. They tell me I'm so good at talking about death that some of you even applaud me when I finish. I have seen so many human remains in Aleppo and it seems I am good in marketing that in English.

That's what I came here to do. To look for allies I can convince that we deserve less death, and that maybe, just maybe, bombing a school is a shame for all humanity.

I Am Lucky to Have a Syrian Passport
[Marcell Shehwaro/Global Voices]