Kickstarting Soviet Daughter, a graphic novel memoir of coming of age in Ukraine after the Revolution

Elly from Microcosm publishing writes: "Our next book has been in the works for years, but as we launch our Kickstarter we find it's become terrifyingly current: Soviet Daughter is a rather swashbuckling story of her great-grandmother Lola, who came of age in the Soviet Ukraine, in the wake of the October Revolution."

It's Julia Alekseyeva's debut work of nonfiction comics. Lola has a lot of lovers and a lot of fun, despite a lack of such amenities as food and heating, while raising young kids and caring for her large, needy family. On top of that, she's coerced into working long hours for the NKVD and then has to flee as a war refugee to Kazakhstan where she's terrorized for being Jewish. Throughout it all, she finds a lot of joy and it gives you hope that you can too, come what may."

$15 gets you the book; $25 gets you a signed, personalized copy.

Soviet Daughter: A Graphic Revolution by Julia Alekseyeva [Microcosm Publishing/Kickstarter]