The definitive guide to Elvis' 1990 "Home Alone" cameo

Dan Ozzi, over at Vice, took the fan theory that Elvis made a cameo in near forgotten holiday classic Home Alone and ran with it. Ran and ran.

Seems a fan spotted someone who looks like an older Elvis in the background of one of the scenes in Home Alone. A lot of theorizing has since taken place…

So why do people think this uncredited background extra with only a minute of screen time and no speaking lines is Elvis? Well, strap on your blue suede shoes, mama, because we are about to dig in deep here, and we don't plan on coming out until we have answers or have LOST OUR FUCKING MINDS.

For starters, appearance. Were Elvis alive in 1990 when the movie was filmed, he would have been 55, making him age appropriate to be the man in this scene, roughly. There is some resemblance between the two around the eyes, for sure. The man also has a full head of brown hair that, from the looks of it, has likely felt the touch of a bottle of Just for Men. "But Elvis had jet black hair," you're saying, very naively. WRONG. Elvis had dirty blond hair which he dyed black.

This is a fun read. Whenever I think of Elvis, however, I think of my old friend Jay Leggett.