CB radio trash talk from 1969

The trolling heats up at the 3 minute mark.

From YouTube description:

Audio clips of CB, or Citizen Band Radio, as it was heard in 1969 in the Philadelphia PA area. The original tube CB radio that made these recordings is pictured in live video. The other pictures demonstrate examples of CB radios and accessories from the dominant players of the era. There were lots of independent manufacturers, especially for accessories. To adjust for inflation, multiply the prices shown by 6X to see what these items cost in 2015 dollars.

In 1969, transistorized radios were inferior to tube sets. But the amount of labor required to hand wire tube radios will be evident in this video. Cheaper transistors and IC's would soon replace old fashioned tube radios.

CB was originally intended for essential business and personal use only, but morphed into a free for all by the 1980s. But in the early days, CB was fairly civilized and "dirty words" were strictly forbidden by the FCC. Power output was limited to 5 watts, but Ham radio linear amplifiers were used illegally by some.

There were no cell phones or internet, so CB was a companion to many, especially on the road. Strangers and friends of all ages and backgrounds chatted in groups on one of just 23 channels, later expanded to 40 in the 1970s. Because of the limited channels, people would sometimes get angry when others were talking on "their channel". A typical fight is heard here, but it was all bluster.

I believe this is the oldest example of CB radio chatter on YouTube.