This Wand Remote makes couch surfing magical again

Do you remember the first time you used a remote control on your television set or favorite toy? It was incredible right? I can honestly say that making my sister believe I had telekinetic powers was fantastic! But as I've accumulated more and more remote controls in my life, I've become jaded. 

And then, I got a package from The Wand Company that brought back my old feelings of wonder.


Do I care that my wife won't touch it because it makes her feel silly? Of course not – it just means more magical gestures for me.  Now, to turn on my TV, I swipe the wand from vertical to horizontal position and to increase the volume, I simply point it at my receiver and twist.


The Kymera Wand has 13 slots into which infrared commands can be stored, and the beautiful thing is that it'll control ANY infrared device. Right now, I'm only using 4 of the 13 slots and I can't wait to fill the rest up.


  • Great packaging
  • Easy to Setup
  • Makes you feel like a wizard
  • Everyone (except for my wife) loves it


  • Sometimes you need to repeat a flourish in order to send the proper signal to the target, but the same thing happens with my regular remotes.
  • The wand is made of plastic and would feel much better if it was made out of mahogany and crystal – but then again, the price would be sky high.
  • The Apple TV interface doesn't lend itself well to the Kymera wand because there are so many flourishes needed to get from the home-screen to the episodes you want to watch. And I wince at the idea of typing into search engines using wrist flicks to get around.  

In the end, the Kymera rocks and my plan is to NOT use it as a TV remote.  Instead, I'd like to use it for an experience that lets people magically light candles, turn on smoke machines and open secret doorways.


I've seen the Kymera Magic Wand selling for as low as $60.00 on ebay and as much as $100.00 Amazon and I have to say it's a treat every time I can avoid picking up my old remotes.

This is the kind of device that's familiar to everyone and even though you may be embarrassed by the idea of it, you know you want to try it.