Foam ear bud tips that really make a difference

Comply foam tips really improve my IEMs!

I've been traveling a lot, again. The B&O H5's I've been enjoying came with some Comply foam tips to try, and I'm hooked. These memory foam tips really make a difference!

I tried the included Comply foam tips when I couldn't get a good fit in my right ear with the rubbery ones B&O offered. I was instantly pretty impressed. Rolled and compressed between my fingers, before I inserted the buds, the memory foam expanded to fill my ear while adding no uncomfortable pressure. I got a fantastic seat, and seal, allowing the ear buds to stay in place, pain free, for a coast-to-coast trip across the US.

I've also been using the ear buds, with foam tips installed, just for noise isolation. Several times I've slept on the plane with the IEMs in, but no music on. They do a wonderful job of taking the edge off ambient noise.

I also suggest the "X" models with the wax filter. I can hear no difference to the buds I have without, but they keep ear wax out of the tiny tube the headphones use to send sound your way. That has to be a good thing. I hate cleaning out headphones.

I usually end up making cheap Sugru custom fit tips for my IEMs, but for now Comply tips actually seem to do the job better and save me the trouble.

Comply has a great compatibility finder, to tell you which model fits your headphones. There are also some universal fit tips.

Comply premium earphone tips via Amazon