GMUNK on how he shot his amazing infrared images of Alaska

GMUNK has done a lot of cool video work, but he says his trip to Alaska to shoot infrared stills was one of his most inspiring projects of all. Below are a couple of examples.

The legendary, multidisciplinary Graphic Designer, Director, Artist GMUNK was the headlining artist at the premiere #MUSESF art show at The Village in San Francisco last month. He sat down with us for an awesome interview where he discussed his early years as an artist, his inspirations and his thoughts on this exciting new art show series the Madrone Studios team is producing. In this video he talks a bit about his IR Photography that he shot in Tracy Arm, Alaska and what brought him to love this style of photography.

More examples on his site.

Artist Profile: GMUNK and his use of Infrared Photography | #MUSESF (Vimeo/ Madrone Studios) – h/t designboom