Watch the epic timelapse pixel battle of Reddit's r/place

Over April Fool's weekend, Reddit introduced r/place, a blank canvas where users could add pixels of any color. It quickly emerged into an astonishing piece of collaborative digital art with several hard-fought battles to keep and erase certain elements.

The lower right appeared early on as a large blue patch named r/thebluecorner, complete with its own subreddit. Further up on the right side was r/greenlattice. A diagonal rainbow stripe took off across the field, and later a horizontal transgender pride stripe appeared. The center was the most consistently changed area. Flags and memes began popping up everywhere, and even the blue corner couldn't hold all their real estate. The mona Lisa was able stake out a prime space near the center, and about halfway through emerged one of the most hotly-contested pieces on the field: the American flag. Several raid comletely erased it, but it returned each time. At the bottom directly below the U.S. flag was a pink and white circular OSU! logo that was probably the second-most contested patch or r/place.

Reddit Place (/r/place) – FULL 72h (90fps) TIMELAPSE (YouTube / Gurkengewuerz)