Most Chipotle restaurants were hacked by credit-card stealing malware

Did you think you got away clean when you ate at Chipotle without dying of listeria? Not so fast!

Chipotle says that between March 24, 2017 and April 18, 2017, "most" of its cash-registers have been infected with credit-card stealing malware that captured and exfiltrated "cardholder name in addition to card number, expiration date, and internal verification code."

You can check if your store was affected using this Chipotle tool.

Chipotle noted that not all locations have been identified, but it's a starting guide to check whether your visit lines up with the breached period. If so, the company suggests you file a police report, contact the Federal Trade Commission, or place a fraud alert or security freeze on your bank account. The latter may require out-of-pocket charges, which the customer is liable for. Chipotle isn't legally required to offer credit protection for affected customers, making it just another one of the many things Chipotle can screw you over for.

Chipotle says 'most' of its restaurants were infected with credit card stealing malware
[Natt Garun/The Verge]

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(Image: David Whelan, CC-0)