Trollcakes: sleuthing bakers will hunt down your trolls, inscribe their hate in icing, and deliver edible words

Ever wish the anonymous jerks who comments on your online life would be made to eat their words? Wish no more, Trollcakes is here.

The bakers also operate a private investigations firm. Send them a link to your hateful comment and they will track down the perp, inscribe their words in icing atop a delicious cake, and deliver the cake-hate to the troll's door.

They also have a special "Tiny Hands" offer whereby they'll "send a Troll Cake of your preferred Trump tweet to the White House."

Are they safe to eat? Do they taste good?

Yes! Troll Cakes look mean but taste nice. Each cake is a dense, moist (sorry) chocolate chip brownie with whipped frosting and assorted colorful sprinkles and icing.

Where do you ship?

Anywhere in the USA!

If you have a troll in NYC, ask us about next-day, in-person delivery.

Are they safe for people with allergies?

No. We avoid nuts but don't advise sending a Troll Cake to anyone with any kind of severe allergy.


(via As It Happens)