Watch: Determined goat breaks into office by butting glass door until it shatters

A small polyurethane company in Louisville, CO was vandalized on Sunday, with its front glass door completely smashed in, and at first the owners thought they'd been robbed. But when police came and realized nothing had been stolen, they checked the surveillance camera, only to find it was delinquent goat – backed up by a goat gang who can be spotted in the background of the video – who was determined to do some damage. The goat butted against the glass 20 minutes until it finally shattered the door.

Quoted in The Daily Camera, the company's owner, Greg Cappaert, has a good sense of humor about it:

"He must have seen his reflection in the door and thought it was another goat. He was trying to beat up the whole building…Everybody had a good chuckle over it."