Japanese chicken take-out chain offers human sweat flavored sauce

Die-hard fans of the Japanese band Kamen Joshi have a treat in store. The Tokyo-based chain of Tenka Torimasu fried chicken restaurants is offering sauce "designed to replicate the 'refreshing' sweat" of the band members.

From Rocket News 24:

Kamen Joshi member Anna Tachibana, pictured above, says that this is "the birth of the karaage people have been dreaming about." Having experimented with using human sweat as a seasoning ourselves, we'd argue that it's closer to the stuff of nightmares. But take heart, because while Tenka Torimasu's girl's sweat karaage merely draws inspiration from perspiration, and doesn't contain any actual sweat. Instead, the sauce is a mix of salt, lemon juice, and cheese.