How many basic knots do you know? A helpful guide to 7 of them

Maybe it's been awhile since that merit badge, or maybe you haven't been out on a boat of late. In any case, here's Andy Tran's great refresher course on 7 essential knots.

The knots covered in this video are:

Square Knot (Reef Knot)
Clove Hitch (Builder's Hitch, Tied in a bight, and at an end)
Sheet Bend (And Double Sheet Bend)
Bowline (Tied two ways)
Figure 8 loop (Tied 3 ways)
Round Turn + Two 1/2 Hitches
Taut-Line Hitch

If you are wondering, the difference between a square knot and a granny knot (or lubber's knot) is that in a square knot, both parts of the line go over or under their respective loop. Here's a comparison from the terrific site

7 Essential Knots You Need To Know (YouTube / InnerBark Outdoors)