Calvin and Hobbes Piescraper

Pie-hacking baker Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (AKA @thePieous) (previously), author of Pies Are Awesome Vol 1 "Pie-Modding": How to Epic-Up Store Bought Pies and Be the Hero of the Party, has been dabbling with "Piescrapers", "pie that are built 'up' using a series of engineering and baking tricks to enhance structural integrity and make tall pies stable, and delicious!"

Clark-Bojin writes, ""When the season start to turn and the air gets all crispy and fresh, I start to feel nostalgic for things that take me back to the comfy cosy Fall days of my childhood… and a big part of those cosy times for me was a snuggly blanket fort, a plate of cheese and crackers, and a stack of Calvin and Hobbes books.

"Bill Watterson is an exceptional artist by any standard, but it was his landscapes that always blew me away. Here is my humble homage to the great man (in Piescraper form) and I hope you enjoy it! We sure did :) The house still smells all apple-y…"