Black man beaten by Charlottesville Nazis has been charged with assault

DeAndre Harris is a 20 year old black man who was subjected to a vicious armed beat-down by Nazis who marched in Charlottesville on August 12. Two of the men who beat him have been charged with "malicious wounding" and are being held without bail; two others have not been arrested yet.

One of the men who beat Harris tried to get the Charlottesville police to arrest Harris as well. When the Charlottesville police declined, the Nazi found a sympathetic magistrate judge (the clowns of the US judicial system) to issue a warrant for Harris's arrest.

Harris's attorney is making arrangements for Harris to surrender himself.

Harris' attorney, S. Lee Merritt, said in a phone interview Monday night that Harris was left with a concussion, abrasions and contusions across his body, as well as a head laceration that required staples, a knee injury and a fractured wrist after the clash.

Lt. Stephen Upman says the alleged victim told the magistrate's office, a judicial office in Virginia, what happened. The magistrate contacted police, Upman said, who verified facts and issued the warrant.

The Charlottesville Police just told me that they did NOT issue an arrest warrant for DeAndre Harris. What happened is very nefarious…
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Police issue warrant for black man beaten at Virginia rally
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